All The Wishes

I had a wonderful conversation with a pretty little girl yesterday. She was such a cutie. She was in the library with her mom. While her mom was browsing the books, the girl came and sat in one of the adjacent seats near by. She was very inquisitive and an absolute delight. Too bad she won't be that kind when she gets older.

Much of what she asked me was to the embarrassment of her mother. I don't know why, they were perfectly acceptable questions that reminded me of that New Era article with "Hanna Banana Happy Piana". She asked me if I had a little girl. I said no, and her mom explained that the girl thought everyone should have a little girl. I happen to agree. In fact, I would take a dozen just like her. Other questions included, what's your name?-Waldo, do you have a little boy?-no, and what's your moms name?-mom (that stumped her and she didn't accept that answer so she tried several variants to the question).

At one point, she looked out the window and said "look at all the wishes". At first, I thought I didn't understood her. I already new what was out the window, so I didn't look. Instead I asked her what she had said. She responded with "look at all the wishes". I looked over to her mom, who told me she didn't know what the girl meant either. Then she noticed the dandelions and said oh, she's talking about the dandelions.

Until then, I had not realized you can make wishes on dandelions. It's fairly self-explanatory how it's done, but I guess I never thought of it before. I wish on candles, stars, shooting stars, rainbows, and just in general, but never on a dandelion.

Today, looking out at all the dandelions, I can't help but think how many wishes there are. All I see are wishes. Look at all the wishes.