Desperate for a Change

I really don't like being in Sick City, Idaho. But, I don't know what to do. Here are some of my choices:

1. Move back to St. George, Utah

Good Points

  1. Familiar Place

  2. Friends and associates

  3. Write full-time

  4. Lots of other work

  5. Pretty girls

  6. Temple

  7. Summer

    Bad Points

    1. The wind

    2. LDS hypocrisy

    3. Socialist State

    4. Girls are stuck-up and rude

    2. Stay in Sick City, Idaho

    Good Points

    1. In the Idaho Republic

    2. Have a place to stay

    3. Write part-time

      Bad Points

      1. LDS hypocrisy

      2. Winter

      3. No girls

        3. Move to Rexburg, Idaho

        Good Points

        1. Familiar Place

        2. In the Idaho Republic

        3. Friendly people

        4. Pettiest girls in the world

        5. Friendliest girls in the world

        6. New temple

          Bad Points

          1. Winter

          2. No work

          4. Move to Los Angeles, California

          Good Points

          1. Beautiful city

          2. Acting opportunities

          3. Friendly people

            Bad Points

            1. No contacts

            2. Noplace to live